• Are you an SSE Approved employer?

Yes, we are SSE approved Employer for the two periods and more if MSD put us on shortage:

- 5th of November to 30th of November (80 flower picking jobs)

-10th March to 10th of June (100 kiwi picking jobs available)

  • How can I get the SSE Visa if you don't get the automatic SSE visa after your WHV (2020 rules)?

- You need to be in New Zealand​.

- You need to be on a visitor visa, student visa or work visa (2020/2021 only for theses)

- You need a job offer from SSE approved employer (list here )

  • What do I need to do to get a job offer from you?

- You need your own transportation we have no work available for people without a car.

- You need to come for the period we gave you the offer 

  • Where do I apply?

- In the normal section: flower picking jobs / kiwi picking jobs

You will get an answer in the 48h if you apply before the season (we will be closed from the 23rd of December to the 11th of January )