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Types of Work


From December to Febuary

Vine training and 

bud thinning on the young vines as well as shoot thinning on the new grafts. This work is vital to ensure an abundant harvest in the future.

Orchard Work

From the end of March to June.

It's time to pick the kiwis! We need 80 to 90 people during this period. Gold and Green varieties will be needed to fill grocery shelves around the world.

Winter work

From July to October.

From putting up shelter, pruning for a new graft, to Vine training the new graft. We make sure that our crops have a good start and produce plenty of flower



Its time to pick the flower!

We need 40 to 50 people. Short but intense the pollen season is needed to make sure that our crops are pollinated correctly to have beautiful fruit to sell at harvest time



Pieters Horticulture is a tight-knit, family-owned and operated business. We focus on the growth and production of our own orchards, as well as providing a quality service to our Kiwifruit growing peers. This mantra is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to integrity when dealing with customers, employees and suppliers.

Pieters Horticulture is the result of founders, Hendrik and Beverley Pieters, long association with the New Zealand Kiwifruit industry. Based in Te Puke, the self-proclaimed capital of New Zealand’s Kiwifruit industry, Hendrik has been growing Kiwifruit and developing his own orchards since 1978. Since then, he, and later wife Beverley, have focused on sustainably growing their business into what it is today.

In 2015, Hendrik and Beverley’s son Simon moved back to Te Puke to get involved in the business having completed training as an electrician and then completing a Bachelor of Management Studies at Waikato University.

Currently, Pieters Horticulture focuses on two broad activities, Kiwifruit picking in the autumn, and male Kiwifruit flower picking and pollen extraction in the spring. Both activities are labour intensive requiring greater levels of staff throughout these periods.

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Year Established


Backpackers  hired per Year


Main kiwi types 

Red, Gold, Green


Tonnes of Flower picked Per year



Here at Pieters Horticulture, we do things differently.  We care about those who work for us and want you to enjoy the time you spend involved in one of New Zealand’s very special industries.

So what makes us different?

  1. We ensure you have an employment agreement so you clearly understand what is required of you and what you will be paid before you begin work.

  2. You will work directly for us. We do not subcontract any of our staff to other harvest contractors. So if you have any issues, questions or concerns we are right there to help.

  3. No middlemen – so you won’t need to worry about someone pocketing some of your wages for simply finding you a job.

  4. We provide everyone with full training on their first day so you know what is required to do a good job and keep yourself safe.

  5. We place a huge amount of importance on communication. We understand that there is nothing worse than not knowing what is happening, so we pass on as much information as possible, whenever it is available.

  6. We employ all our picking staff on a casual basis due to the seasonal nature of the work. This is perfect for those of you who are backpacking through New Zealand and only want a few weeks. You can, of course, stay the whole season!

Sounding good to you?… We thought so!


Tractor driver during harvest

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 1.45.43 pm

Gold Kiwi Fruit

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 1.47.10 pm

Picker during Harvest

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 1.46.53 pm

Growing Kiwi Fruit

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 1.45.01 pm

Picking gold kiwi


One of our Team


Carola and Max, German Backpackers 2019

Pieters Horticulture ist ein Familienunternehmen, wie man es sich wünscht. Simon ist ein großartiger Chef, der immer ein offenes Ohr für die Mitarbeiter hat. Die Bewerbung funktionierte schnell und unkompliziert. Kiwifruit Picking ist zwar anstrengend, aber die Zeit mit dem internationalen Team ist eine großartige Erfahrung. Der Umgang war immer wertschätzend, fair, herzlich und die BBQs bei Pieters sollte man auf keinen Fall verpassen. Vielen Dank für zwei Monate mit dem besten Team BRAVO.
Carola und Max

Pieters Horticulture is a family business as you would like it to be. Simon is a great boss who is always open to the employees. The application for work was quick and easy. Kiwifruit Picking is exhausting, but spending time with the international team is a great experience. The dealings were always respectful, fair, warm and the BBQs at Pieters should not be missed. Thank you for two months with the best team BRAVO.
Carola and Max


Marchal and Ashleigh, English and Welsh Backpackers 2019

Working for Pieters Horticulture was the travelling experience we didnt know we needed. Spending your time picking kiwifruit is hard work but rewarding as you make new friends, experience different cultures,and enhance your travel whilst earning money in the process. We picked fruit, worked through the winter and into the flower picking season, we loved it so much we didn’t want to leave. Thank you Pieters’ for the opportunities & cheese and beer fridays. We miss you!


Julie and Simon, French Backpackers 2019

Nous avons travaillé pour Pieters Horticulture dans la cueillette de kiwis, l'entretien des vergers ou encore la cueillette des fleurs et ce fut à chaque fois une excellente expérience. Nous avons aimé leur honnêteté, la charge de travail, la diversité des tâches, la flexibilité et la confiance. Ce sont des employeurs généreux qui nous ont permis de rester sur leur terrain avec notre van et avec qui nous avons noué une vrai amitié. Merci pour les barbecues, l'enseignement et les nombreux échanges, en espérant vous revoir bientôt ! Take care, all of you !

Simon and Julie

We worked for Pieters Horticulture from picking kiwis, maintaining orchards to picking flowers and it was always an excellent experience. We liked their honesty, the workload, the diversity of the tasks, the flexibility and the confidence. They are generous employers who allowed us to stay in their field with our van and with whom we have developed a real friendship. Thank you for the barbecues, the teaching and the many exchanges, hoping to see you again soon! Take care, all of you!

Simon and Julie


Ewa - Polish - season 2020 - Milling flower

"Very warm reception, professional handling of staff, very good wages, openness to learning , family atmosphere, trust, treating the employees in a serious, fair way, <3 I hope to work with you again one time"

Thomas - French- season 2020 - Flower picker

"Good communication and they were making the most of the good weather to let us work as much as we could"

Jan - Czech- season 2020 - Flower picker

"Good working conditions and amazing vibe, would recommend"

Filipe - German- season 2020 - Kiwi picker and Flower picker

"Best employer I've ever had in my life! Highly recommend you to work for the Pieters. Super lovely and honest people"

Sona - Slovakia- season 2020 - Flower picker

"Family, fair and friendly atmosphere.It was very good place to work. There were good vibes and they let us to work as much as we wanted. Nice, friendly people and work. Definitely, I would recommend and work again there."

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